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Migrate to AWS in 5 Simple Steps

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“A backup solution that works seamlessly with existing services as well as provides us with a really great disaster recovery solution, which can be implemented in a few hours.”

—Imran Sadiq, LANCOM

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On-premises vs Cloud: what you need to know for a successful cloud migration

Migrating to the cloud offers speed, scalability and cost-savings BUT when you’re operating at enterprise scale —with significant dependencies and regulations— there are some key things you need to consider.

We put together this 5-step comprehensive guide for organizations and IT managers exploring the possibility of migrating to AWS cloud (and for those who’ve already started the migration process).

Inside this free guide, you’ll learn about some of the major AWS cloud migration challenges (and the need-to-know steps to ensure a successful migration).

Plan for repeatable backup and recovery (because you’ve got to protect critical workloads)

Train your team, demonstrate the value of the move, and more!