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Automatically start and stop AWS EC2 or RDS instances or start/stop AWS EC2 on a schedule with N2WS Resource Control.


Schedule your AWS resources to stop and start automatically, depending on when you need them.

Schedule EC2 and RDS instances to stop and start

Monitor EC2 and RDS server schedules

Reduce EC2 and RDS server costs

Easily monitor your server status from our user-friendly "single pane of glass" console.

Significantly reduce your AWS bill with easy and efficient EC2/RDS instance scheduling.

Join thousands of organizations worldwide using N2WS for AWS

The next frontier in the cloud is cost optimization

Introducing N2WS Resource control for your AWS environment— allowing you to stop EC2 or RDS instances automatically when they are not in use.

• Retain snapshots in a lower-cost storage tier using third-party data management tools.

• Fine-tune your compute resources with built-in AWS tools like: CloudWatch, Trusted Advisor, EC2 Right Sizing, etc.

• Create a “lean cost culture” ...and more!

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"N2WS is easy to deploy. It does the job and you don’t need to write your own scripts. It solves one of the major issues organizations have when they move to AWS."

- AWS Marketplace Reviewer


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Top-rated on the

Top-rated on the