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Summit In Your Inbox for AWS

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AWS Summit has gone virtual and we're bringing the BEST of the N2WS Summit booth to your Inbox

We’re bringing the AWS community together for a new kind of summit experience.

Even though plans are being canceled and events are being moved onto digital platforms, you shouldn’t have to miss out on the full summit experience.

So, we brainstormed how we could enable learning and sharing of our AWS knowledge without draining your time or energy. And we decided to bring you a summit experience unlike ever before —no matter what time zone you’re in.

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How it works

‘Summit In Your Inbox’ has 3 tracks to choose from

When you register, tell us which “track” you want to receive (select 1 or all 3) and we’ll deliver it to your inbox.

Learn how to eliminate downtime with strategic backup & recovery

Downtime Disrupter

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Learn how to optimize storage costs without sacrificing growth

Cost Optimizer

Learn more

Learn how to sell BaaS (backup as a service) to easily boost revenue

Revenue Generator

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Track #1: The Downtime Disrupter

[Guide] AWS Data Protection: 8 Tips for a Resilient Environment
[Guide] How to Choose the Best Backup & Recovery Tool for Your Organization
[Slide Deck] How to Ransomware-Proof Your AWS Environment 

“Best backup solution I've ever used —I can sleep at night, we use it all the time and never have any issues... really awesome product, love it!”

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Track #2: The Cost Optimizer

[Guide] 7 Ways to Save: Cost Optimization for AWS
[Case Study]
How Gett Saves $2000 Per Month While Maintaining Business Continuity
Choosing the Right Storage Tier for your AWS Backups

“It has allowed us to save over $1million in the management of AWS EBS snapshots over the course of 2 years.”

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Track #3: The Revenue Generator

[Guide] Selling Managed Backup for AWS: an MSP Guide
[Case Study]
How iFeu's cloud team offers 100% availability to their AWS clients
[Trend Report]
The State of AWS Data Protection in 2020

“With N2WS and our approach to tagging we can give our customers 100% confidence that every one of their servers is backed up.”

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We’re here to help you make the most of your AWS cloud investment (+ have fun)

So we’re sharing our best resources —developed specifically to help you maintain uptime of critical workloads while setting up your environment in the most cost-efficient way possible. Win, win.

To make Working From Home a little bit easier, we're giving away $315 to get the ultimate #WFH accessories —Apple Airpods, MOFT laptop stand, Blublox glasses, and an annual subscription to Brain.FM


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