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The MSP Guide to Selling Managed Backup for AWS

What the biggest (most overlooked) opportunity is for service providers in AWS

Why managed backup is still essential in AWS (and necessary for clients)

The simple method to sell your services and identify your target market

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“A backup solution that works seamlessly with existing services as well as provides us with a really great disaster recovery solution, which can be implemented in a few hours.”

—Imran Sadiq, LANCOM

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Leverage the 'promise of the cloud' to grow your business

“The public cloud brings enterprise-level service to even the smallest of your customers. It provides a HUGE opportunity for you to grow and add new services. It simplifies the implementation, management, maintenance, and backup of a virtual infrastructure. But, the cloud still requires a level of expertise – the same expertise your customers require of you."

—Nick Cavalancia, Tech Evangelist & Bestselling Author

This guide provides a roadmap for how MSPs can take advantage of the ever-expanding public cloud opportunity to successfully enhance their business offerings in the cloud.