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An in-depth analysis of how organizations today are using AWS' cloud-based offering.

AWS has become the fastest-growing cloud-computing platform on the planet. With the explosion of businesses going through a digital transformation, the need for a robust, extensible, and scalable environment to host your critical data, services, and applications has driven organizations to Amazon’s impressive cloud-based offering.

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2018 State of AWS Data Protection Report

Key insights from our re:Invent attendee survey.

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How are organizations protecting their AWS investment?

To find out, we asked over 750 AWS re:Invent attendees in November of 2017 about how they use AWS, and how they protect it. With over 100 industry-influencing organizations represented within the respondents, the results of this survey provide key insights into the AWS services used, how invested in AWS they are, and what methods are in place to protect that investment across industry verticals.


AWS IS being used.

Over  of respondents are using at least one AWS service in a production environment, with 40% of monthly spending exceeding $100k.


AWS is NOT being protected.

The majority of organizations have no external backup solution and 81% have no automated disaster recovery methods in place.

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  • AWS is being used (what environments and over what time period)
  • Organizations are spending & budgeting for AWS (in production and testing)
  • EC2 instances are being used (and where persistent data is kept)
  • Enterprises are protecting their AWS-based data and VMs
  • Companies plan for, and perform, DR methods & testing for AWS workloads

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