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Kevin J. McCarthy | Afinety Inc.

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Backup your AWS data: 1 month FREE + $250 AWS Promo Credit

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• Accidental deletion

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The BEST way to backup EBS volumes, EC2 instances, or production databases running on AWS

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Reliable, scalable, and automatic backup & Disaster Recovery for data on AWS.

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Full recovery in 30 seconds

Highly flexible backup policies so that you can automate when and where your AWS instances are backed up (from minutes to months) for maximum effectiveness and (cost) efficiency.

Full data recovery in 30-seconds (or less) so that you can avoid crisis mode with near instantaneous recovery of your crucial data (whether that's a single file or an entire volume).

Application-aware backup so that you can perform backups of production applications (like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Active Directory, and more) without taking systems offline.

Cross-region & cross-account DR so that you can seamlessly move data between different countries and regions with 24/7 access and uptime. (No data trucks here).

Multi-tenancy, role-based access so that you can securely protect multiple AWS accounts from a single console and create & manage multiple users or instances.

Easy automation with APIs & CLI so that you can fully automate complex backup & recovery operations, generate reports, and integrate with third-party solutions.


*Special Promotion Details: Complete this form and then take a few minutes to fully configure Cloud Protection Manager from the AWS Marketplace. Valid company email and fully configured account required with at least one EC2 instance backed-up by CPM. Valid for new trial customers only.

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