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Immutable backups explained (and how they ransomware-proof your cloud)

Unlock the power of immutable backups and discover how they can ransomware-proof your AWS cloud in this free webinar

About the webinar

Are you concerned about the rising threat of ransomware and its potential impact on your AWS cloud data?

Join us for an engaging webinar that demystifies the concept of immutable backups and their game-changing role in securing your AWS cloud infrastructure.

Key benefits:

Gain in-depth knowledge of immutable backups and their significance in fortifying your AWS environment.
Understand how immutable backups provide an additional layer of protection against ransomware and other cyber threats.
Discover the step-by-step process to implement immutable backups within your AWS infrastructure, ensuring your data remains impervious to unauthorized modifications.
Learn best practices and real-world use cases from two leading experts in the field who bring a wealth of practical experience.





Empower yourself with the knowledge and strategies to ransomware-proof your AWS cloud

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Immutable Backups Explained
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