The 3 'make-or-break' practices in the public cloud

Monitor Systems, Maintain Security and Manage Spend

From the infancy stage of your cloud deployment and through your data lifecycle, most enterprises need a bit of help and TLC as they implement continuous monitoring, ongoing compliance and automated backup and disaster recovery. 

We teamed up with to show enterprises how to tailor fit the public cloud to their needs within a multi-account landscape. 

Learn how to:

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stay on budget with rightsizing, decommissioning, automating resource shutoff and archiving snapshots

 identify orphaned volumes and immediately create a snapshot before deleting, automatically

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"We manage hundreds of instances, volumes, and TB’s of data.  [N2WS, formerly CPM,] has been so tightly integrated into our daily processes, whether it’s DR, individual volume recovery, or snapshot management. Simply put, it’s practically a sure thing... We couldn’t be happier..."

- AWS Marketplace Reviewer

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foster a healthy cloud environment  with continuous monitoring, ongoing compliance checks and automated backup and recovery

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