Ransomware, Data Protection and DR in 2021: an analyst interview

N2WS session from Optimize your AWS FEST   

In 2021, cybercriminals continue to profit off ransomware attacks in record numbers, leaving no business on the cloud immune to the ransomware threat.  As methods and technology continue to advance it is critical that companies have multiple lines of defense in 2021.

In N2WS' session during the June 2021 Optimize your AWS FEST we interviewed Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst at Forrester to ask:


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Webinar Replay:

How can a business confidently recover while reducing downtime and preventing future ransomware attacks?  

What the top leading reasons for outages/down time are and exactly how common is ransomware?

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 What are some predictions/trends for ransomware in 2021 and what are recommendations for businesses to be recovery ready?