Learn how to say, 'goodbye' to idle server costs in AWS with the latest feature from N2WS

In this webinar we dive into our latest release, teaching you how to:


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Webinar Replay: AWS Cost-Savings

Start and stop EC2 & RDS instances on-demand (or on a schedule)

Improve cost savings with enhanced snapshot archiving to S3

Plus save TIME —not just money— in AWS with our VPC Capture + Clone feature (and more)

Top-rated backup & recovery in

"We manage hundreds of instances, volumes, and TB’s of data.  [N2WS, formerly CPM,] has been so tightly integrated into our daily processes, whether it’s DR, individual volume recovery, or snapshot management. Simply put, it’s practically a sure thing... We couldn’t be happier..."

- AWS Marketplace Reviewer

Top-rated on the

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