Securing the Future of Government Data in the Cloud

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That’s why GovLoop teamed with N2WS, an AWS-native backup, disaster recovery and archiving solution, to help you maximize your cloud investment and minimize your risks. 

This new report details why backup, recovery and disaster recovery are challenging for agencies even in the cloud —plus the best ways to overcome those challenges today. 


Even with the improved operational efficiency and agility that the cloud offers, there are challenges in storing and managing data in the cloud.

The must-read cloud report for IT leaders in government

Migrating workloads to a public cloud like AWS, doesn’t mean they’re backed up. Learn how to protect and optimize your cloud environment for maximum efficiency and unbeatable security with this report.

Get up-to-date statistics about cloud data and backup in government

92% of organizations already use AWS cloud technology. Get the data on how they’re using it.

Learn the main challenge (and solution) associated with government cloud data

Governments face a unique challenge, when it comes to the public cloud. Find out the solution.

Understand how to safeguard against data loss with a strategic recovery plan

Learn how the City of Oakland, California shifted to a comprehensive backup and recovery tool —guarding against data loss.

“AWS allows you to do a lot of things, but we were too busy. We didn’t have time to script out backup routines and make sure that everything was being consistently snapshotted and backed up.”

Julian Ware, Spatial Data Analyst for the City of Oakland

N2WS is a preferred backup and recovery tool for public sector organizations running large-scale production environments on AWS.

With over 2,000 government agencies as customers, AWS understands the requirements US government agencies face. 

The GovLoop mission is to “connect government to improve government” by serving as a knowledge network for agencies.

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